R.I.P. Rock & Roll cemeteries

Okay, it might not sound very inviting, but cemeteries can be very interesting. Especially old cemeteries have their own atmosphere about them. And if you are interested in the lives of famous people, visiting their tomb or grave can be a bonus. The same goes for famous rock stars. Some of the cemeteries are subject to real pilgrimages because of the famous stars. Here is a list of some of the most famous ones and their  Rock & Roll cemeteries.

Rock stars on cemeteries

Rock stars on cemeteries

Jim Morrison – Paris

In the middle of Paris lies the famous cemetery ‘Père Lachaise’. Here lies James Douglas Morrison, lead singer and frontman of The Doors. When he died he was 27 years old. That made him join the 27 Club,a Group of popular Young musicians that died at the age 27. Other members are Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain. Even today the grave of Jim Morrison draws a lot of visitors.

Elvis Presley – Memphis

On the day Elvis Presley was buried it took a hundred vans up to five hours just to deliver all the flower arrangements. The actual funeral is considered one of the best attended ones ever. He was buried on the grounds of his mansion place of pilgrimage. In 1982 Graceland was opened to the public.

Phil Lynnot – Dublin

Philip Parris Lynott was a musician, singer, composer and famous as co-founder of the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. During his live he worked a lot together with Gary Moore who with whom he was befriended. While born in the UK he was buried in Saint Fintan’s Cemetery, Ireland. In 2005 a life-size bronze statue was unveiled on Harry Street in Dublin.

Jimi Hendrix – Seattle

Hendrix was a very talented guitarplayer who redefined the way rock music sounded. Unquestionably he is one of modern music’s most influential figures on the electric guitar. His styles ranged from Rhythm and Blues, to jazz, to funk. Hendrix died in London and there was – and is – much speculation about the circumstances. A lot of people like to pay their respects to his musical legacy by visiting his grave.

John Lennon – New York

Not every rock star has a grave to visit. When John Lennon was murdered he lived in New York. Lennon was cremated and his ashes were returned to Yoko Ono. The stories about what happened to his ashes are conflicting. Some say Yoko scattered him on Strawberry Fields, others say she still has them. As a place of pilgrimage Strawberry Fields seems to be a good choice as this part of Central Park was dedicated to John Lennon.

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