Mudflat hiking – Walk on the wet side

If you are one of those persons that thrives on thrills and experiences, then this article should interest you. Hiking across the bottom of the sea for three to four hours. No scuba gear required. But don’t linger because there is only a small time frame that its save.

Mudflat hiking in the NetherlandsThe Dutch have an interesting relationship with water. As most of their country lies below sealevel, the water could kill them instantly, should the dikes collapse. But that doesn´t seem to bother them at all. They just love water. Even to the point that they walk the bottom of the sea, during the short period of time that the tide is low.

Walking the seabed

It´s called ´Wadlopen´ or mudflat hiking and it’s only safe to do when accompanied by professional guides. Twice a day the Waddensea, a tidal sea in the northern part of the Netherlands, has a low tide. That provides a time window of approximately five to six hours during wich one can walk from the coastline to one of the islands in the Northsea.

The guides are very strict when it comes to safety. I fit’s too cold, they won’t go. If there is a thunderstorm, same story. Participants have to be fit and be able to walk at least 4 hours without the need to sit down or rest. And they always carrying a radio to alert rescue parties if something goes wrong.


It sounds dangerous, but in the company of professionals it can be a awesome experience. I personally went on something like 20 trips. And it was always special. If the sun is shining the views are magnificent. So bes ure to take your camera with you.

If you were impressed the first time you walked a glacier or went into the Mountains, then you certainly should try wadlopen in the Netherlands. Be prepared to have a great experience.

Only official guides

Always make sure you are walking with an official guide. In case of doubt, aks for their license or check the government websites like

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