Our disclaimer and photo protocol

We take our job of managing this website very serious. That’s why we follow some guidelines as to obligations and rights concerning copyright.
Picture of a Canon A1 camera: we follow the copyright guidelines and aim to update our site on a daily basis

Photo protocol

We are very strict about copyright of the images we use. All images on this site are either our own, bought directly from photographers or obtained through licensed photostock companies. Images we bought are only used with the consent of the owners.

Images send to us by others are only used if we can verify the copyright. In those cases we will always establish the following facts:

  • Who made the image?
  • Can we check with that person?
  • Is there a compensation required when using the image on our site?
  • Do we have permission for use directly from the person or organisaton who owns the copyright?

Notwithstanding our efforts it is possible that an image slipped through our stringent copyright filter. It may also be that – despite checking – we did not obtain the right information about the ownership. In that case we will remove that image from our website at once.

Disclaimer – as up-to-date as possible

We manage this site on a daily basis. Whenever we find new hotels or campsites that favour adults, we will update our site. Sometimes we receive emails giving us a suggestion about a campsite or hotel that we missed. We will then check the information and publish it on the website. In this way we try to be as complete and correct as possible.

Sometimes a hotel policy is changed and they abandon the adult-only guideline. We do check on that, but it might be possible that we receive that information a bit later. Every new and checked information that we have will be used to update the site immediately.

Despite our precaution we advise always to check at the campsite or hotel about the adult-only policy before making a reservation.

Age limits

Among adult-only hotels there are different age limits. Some hotels are not open to children under 12 years old, others have an age limit for children under 16 or 18 years old. In every situation it is wise to contact the hotel for the precise age guidelines.

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