Bristol – top 10 things to see

Once Bristol was the second most important city in the UK, thanks to the industry and the harbour. Today you will find cultural centra, bars and theatres in the warehouses alongside the docks. Bristol is a trendy city bursting of culture and creativity. And it´s the city of the world famous Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Let´s introduce you to…Bristol.

Bristol - SS Great Britain

Picture: The first class lounge on the SS Great Britain.

1.    The Clifton Suspension Bridge

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a British technical engineer who was ahead of his time. He landed his first great assignment in 1929 when he joined a tender for building a bridge spanning the chasm between the banks of the River Avon. Most technical engineers assumed the gap was too wide to span. Brunel thought otherwise and he proved it with his design for the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

2.    SS Great Britain

With the blueprints of the trans atlantic steamship SS Great Britain, once again Brunel changed the paradigms of his era. Most technicians believed that no steamship could carry enough fuel to sail nonstop acrross the ocean. Brunels calculations made them believe otherwise. Visiting the ship will fill you with the same feeling of awe that the Titanic gives you.

3.    Ashton Court

Ashton Court is a mansion house and estate to the west of Bristol. To go there cross the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Every year in august the International Balloon Fiesta is being held on the estate. Runners should know that every Saturday morning there is a free park run starting at 9 am.

4.    Saint Nicolas Market

Under a glass roof you´ll find interesting little shops that surprise you with products like cheese (Bristol Blue), North African spices and food, olives and products for the Indian and Portuguese cuisine. In the main building there is a permanent flee market.

5.    Saint Mary Redcliffe

With no doubt the most beautiful church in Bristol. The wonderful leaded windows stand out. From the west gate you will have the best view on the outside.

6.    The Georgian House

An nice example of a typical Georgian house with matching furniture. The kitchen and side buildings give a good impression of the life the servants were living. And of course that of a rich colonial merchant.

7.    Royal York Crescent

This is the longest Royal crescent in Georgian style in all of Britain. Take the effort of walking to the end to enjoy the phenomenal view on the River Avon.

8.    Western Railway Museum

Brunel has been of great importance in building a network of railways in the United Kingdom. Today the former workshop of Brunel in Swindon houses the Great Western Railway Museum.

9.    British Empire of Common Wealth museum

Until 1920 up to one quarter of the known world was ruled by Great Britain in one way or the other. If you want to know more about five centuries of history about the British empire, you should not miss this museum.

10.    Cabot Tower

And finally Cabot Tower. Situated in public park Brandon Hill, this tower offers one of the best views over Bristol. And it´s free of charge.

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