Adult only holidays are becoming a trend

Adult only holidays gain in popularity. I discovered that years ago while on vacation in the United Kingdom. While camping at The Old Oaks near Glastonbury I suddenly realized there were no children. That didn’t make this campsite better than others, but it turned out to be an excellent place to relax and unwind. Today adults only sites and hotels are common and they attract a wide range of people.

Quiet beach on Sri Lanka - adult only holidays are popular.Years ago it didn´t feel right to ask for a campsite that didn´t welcome kids. People would often react with the question: “Do you hate children?” So we always had to explain that we like children – honestly, we really do – but that we prefer campsites that offer peace and quietness and allow you to finish that book you so much want to read.

Recent years show that more people have the same need. And it’s not only people that don’t have children themselves. Even parents and schoolteachers who love their children and job, sometimes want to get away from it for a while.

Most adult campsites in UK

Strangely enough the largest amount of adult only campsites is to be found in the UK. And we listed them all on this site for you. We ourselves now prefer to travel from site to site using the listing on this site as well.
Today other countries have quiet campsites as well. We managed to find them in different countries in Europe and even some in America.

Hotels for adults

And don’t forget about hotels. Adult only hotels can be found on every continent. As there are so many we made a survey of those as well.


Let’s be clear on one thing: we don’t dislike children. They bring a lot of happiness to our lives. And we all enjoy that. But we appreciate the fact that a lot of people prefer places were they can relax and unwind from the daily stress. They choose to stay at hotels and campsites that favour adults.

How to use this site?

No matter where it is: you can visit that place you’ve always dreamed of seeing! And using this website you now immediately know if there’s an adult only hotel or campsite nearby. So, there’s no excuse anymore to nót plan that special trip with the two of you in that special couples retreat!

Relax and enjoy.