This page contains answers to commonly asked questions about the website TravelWithoutChildren.com

  • How often is the website updated?

This website is updated on a weekly basis or whenever we have new information about campsites or hotels.

  • Are children banned from all listed hotels and campsites?

No. In some hotels children are welcome above a certain age. Well-known age limits are 6, 8 or 12 years. As the age-limits vary it’s always wise to check the website or inquire at the hotel or campsite about their policy. If known to us we will mention age limits – other than 18 – on our website.

  • Are erotic adult only hotels listed as well?

No. We are only interested in regular locations that favour adults. We feel that locations that focus on erotic adventures and holidays find other ways of promoting themselves.

  • Do you list Party Hotels as well?

No. This site wants to acommodate people who are looking for a quiet holiday away from the daily stress. Party Hotels cater to a different audience.

  • Does the website have contacts with booking agencies?

No. We are totally independent. However, to cover some of the costs of this website you might find some advertisements on the site.

  • Why is it not possible to make a direct booking at the hotel of choice?

The first priority of this website is to be as complete as possible in listing adult only hotels and campsites.

  • What is the difference with other websites that focus on the adult-only holidays?

With this website people can first decide where they want to go and then check if there are adult only hotels or campsites in that area. Most websites work the other way round: you are drawn to a specific hotel first and then you have to decide if you like the area as well.

  • Do we dislike children?

Absolutely not. Children bring a lot of energy and happiness to this world. And we all benefit from that. But we do appreciate the fact that some people specifically prefer a quiet and peaceful holiday. And that wish does not always agree with the liveliness and activity children are spreading.

  • Is this website complete?

We aim to be as complete as possible. Sometimes hotels change their policies or campsites go out of business.