img225Hi, my name is Tim and in daily life I am a Communication & PR advisor with special affinities for writing and the internet. In my spare time I’ve always loved to be outdoors. I did a lot of mountaineering and made long hikes in Norway. Maybe it’s because my work can be pretty hectic, but being in the mountains always helped me to relax and enjoy life. Nowadays I still like the outdoors, but I also appreciate the comfort of campsites and even an occasional hotel.

The Idea

I’ve got the idea for this website a couple of years ago while staying on an adult only campsite. I liked the quiet and relaxed atmosphere. I do like the lively and positive energy children bring to our lives, but at that moment I really could appreciate the tranquility.

As I couldn’t find websites that offered reliable listings of adult only addresses, I decide to start TravelWithoutChildren. I actually started building it in february 2013. Most of the work has been done by me, but for the really technical stuff I can rely on a good friend. The same goes for some of the translations.

Living in the fast lane

When I first got the idea for this site, adult only campsites and hotels weren’t that common. That changed in recent years. Daily life is getting faster and more hectic every day. Social media and their likes are expanding our presence around the clock. And when we´re trying to evade that, our mobile phones make us accessible in even the most remote parts of the world.

We are living in the fast lane, whether we like it or not. No wonder people are looking for ways the get away from all the daily fuzz, to unwind and recuperate from daily life.

Future plans

Last year I got a lot of positive feedback on this site. People mailed me with suggestions and owners of hotels and campsites asked if we could name their site as well.

For now I am trying to be as complete as possible. But we do have plans to upgrade this site to a responsive design in order to enhance usability with tablets and smartphones. So keep in touch with us.

Contact Information

If you would like to contact me, please send me an email to editor AT (..this domain..).com or use our contact form.
You can also visit me on LinkedIn.

And another thing..
…do you like this site? Then please let us know on Facebook.

We appreciate it.

 TravelWithoutChildren.com gives listings of adults only campsites and hotels in Europa and outside.

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