5 best tips to visit Catalonia

Here are five great tips to visit Catalonia, apart from the obvious tourist sites. Thinking of Catalonia of course Barcelona springs to mind. But after we’ve seen the Sagrada Familia, Picasso’s paintings and walked La Rambla, there’s more to experience. We give you five other reasons to visit Catalonia.

Castell - Building human towers in Cataonia.

1. Castell

If you have a chance to attend the Castell, then take it. Castell is the traditional way of building human towers. At the base strong and sturdy men with determined expressions provide the foundation on which younger and lighter people climb and build the tower. The smallest and often very young children do the final climb to the highest level, sometimes reaching heights of 20 ft. or more.

Castelleres train at least one, often two times a week, as building human towers is not without danger. One simply cannot attend this festival and not be touched by it. Attend one and understand why.

2. Santa Maria de Montserrat

A one hour drive outside Barcelona (30 miles / 50 kilometers) lies the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey. This Benedictine Abbey lies in the mountain range of Montserrat. A multi-peaked area that belongs to the pre-coastal range that runs parallel to the Mediterranean Sea coast in Spain. Even today it’s a very popular place for a retreat. Try a short walk away from the monastery. It leaves the crowd behind, giving you a chance to reflect and enjoy the impressive mountain scenery.

3. The Dali museum

Dali was not only a gifted painter. He had many ideas and worked on furniture, movies and he even developed his own special car. That’s why it is worth your while to visit his museum. It’s a must see for the diehard Dali-lover, as well as a very surprising introduction to this surrealistic artist. Be sure to avoid the busy hours as much as possible.

4. Montsant

Make long walks in the Serra de Montsant. This mountain chain east of Tarragona – like Montserrat in the north – belongs to the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. These mountains now belong to a Natural Park. Montsant is famous as a wine-producing area. The big walls of Montsant are popular among rock climbers.

5. Walking the coast of Catalonia

Enjoy the Catalonian coast while walking along the beach. Between world city Barcelona and party place Salou, the coast is pure and simple. Starting in Altafulla a walk to Tarragona takes up to 4 hours and longer if one tends to linger in the small cafe’s along the way.

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